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Today I am reviewing My Perfect Friend by Sarah Clarke, published by HQ Digital.


Beth has the perfect life. She has constructed it carefully over the last eighteen years. But one night she makes a choice that risks everything.

When Kat sees an article about that night online, buried memories begin to surface. She and Beth were friends once. Things ended badly then, but now she has a chance to make them right.

Kat introduces herself to Beth. Not as her old friend, but as a stranger. Beth has no idea Kat isn’t who she says she is.

But then neither is Beth.

“Which one of us will crack first…”

After being thrust into the spotlight trying to save the life of a homeless man from an overdose, the perfect life Beth has created over the last eighteen years is about to crumble when the act attracts the attention of her teenage friend Kat whom she left behind all those years ago. You see Beth has a troubled past that she has kept hidden from everyone, but for some people you can’t outrun the past no matter how hard you try.

I found this to be a gripping psychological thriller that really packed a punch, as it all unfolded through multiple points of view, past and present. I was so intrigued by Beth’s past and how it tied in with Kat, which kept me flicking the pages long into the night in need of the answers to my many questions.

While I did find this is a slow burn to start, it did ramp up not only in pace, but also intensity. Clarke steered me down the garden path, that I have to admit, I thought was going to turn out to be a predicable outcome, but the thought was quickly erased when BOOM out off left field she hoodwinked me! And she hoodwinked me good with those thrilling twists and turns! Well played Ms Clarke. Very well played indeed!

Thank you to Sarah Clarke, HQ Digital and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of My Perfect Friend which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Sarah Clarke is a copywriter and author and lives in London, UK. In 2019 she completed the Faber Academy Writing A Novel course and fell in love with dark and twisty fiction.

Sarah signed a 3-book deal with Harper Collins HQ Digital in March 2021 for A Mother Never Lies, Every Little Secret and My Perfect Friend. Two more thrillers with HQ Digital will come in September 2023 and May 2024.




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