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Today I am reviewing on its publication day Should You Keep a Secret by Lisa Darcy, published by Bloodhound Books.


Two women have learned something shocking about their friend’s husband—and revealing it could either save her or destroy her…
During a night out at the pub, Stella and Carly accept an invitation to a local party, but the scene they find there is not what they expected. It’s a swingers’ event—and their friend Jesse’s husband is there among the swingers.
Now the two women aren’t sure what to do. Stella, who works with Jesse at the library, is inclined to keep quiet. She doesn’t want to poke her nose into someone else’s marriage, and on top of that, she knows Jesse is facing a potential job loss. The last thing she needs is more stress. Carly, on the other hand, thinks telling the truth is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, the angry threats from Jesse’s husband warning them to keep their mouths shut only make the situation worse.
As the two deal with their own personal lives—Stella facing a marital separation and an ailing mother-in-law, Carly coping with loneliness as her husband works long hours—they find themselves blurting out the shocking news. And even as dark secrets about Jesse’s situation are revealed, Stella and Carly will make some discoveries of their own.

A tale of love, loss and friendship, Should You Keep a Secret is a very thought provoking read. I loved the plot of this book and was immediately invested in it from the opening chapter.

All of the characters are interesting and I enjoyed learning about them and their stories, which all came together so seamlessly. The pace is fast and each chapter ended with me wanting more.

This is my first book from Lisa Darcy and it was such an enjoyable reading experience, I really loved her style of writing which is very engaging and how she also pulls you into the story. I look forward to reading more from her.

So to wrap this review up my question is, what would you do if you found yourselves in the same predicament? Are you a Carly and would tell, or a Stella and keep it to yourself?

Thank you to Lisa Darcy and Bloodhound Books for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Should You Keep a Secret, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

This review will be added to, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon Australia & Amazon US. I will also add to NetGalley, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble if available. As I am from Australia, I am unable to add to Amazon UK, but will post to Waterstones & Foyles if also available.


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Lisa’s passion is for writing fiction, typically stories about women in their thirties and forties navigating friendships, careers, romance, ultimately triumphing over adversity.

With several previously published novels under her alter ego, Lisa’s seventh novel, Lilly’s Little Flower Shop was published by Bloodhound Books UK in May 2021. 

Her eighth novel, My Big Greek Holiday was published by Bloodhound Books UK in July 2021.

Lisa’s third novel with Bloodhound Books UK, Should You Keep A Secret? will be released mid-April 2022.

A teacher of Creative Writing at the Australian Writers’ Centre in Sydney, Lisa also presents workshops, has been on panels at RWA conferences, GenreCon, Sydney Writers’ Festival, and many regional writers’ festivals.



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