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Today I am reviewing on its publication day Mortal Green by Anita Waller, published by Bloodhound Books.


A woman in search of solitude mysteriously vanishes after a walk in the village…

An author arrives in Eyam and moves into Leaf Cottage for a month-long research break. One morning, she sets off on a long walk around the village, but disappears while on her way back. Presumed to be working in solitude on her novel, she is not missed until her husband tries to contact her with news that their daughter has gone into early labour.

Arriving in Eyam, he contacts the Connection Agency and asks for their help. When Leaf Cottage is found deserted, so begins the hunt for the missing woman. Soon DI Carl Heaton is on the case and bodies start turning up in rapid succession.

Meanwhile, another investigator is working on a heartbreaking missing person case. But before everyone’s work is done, there will be many twists and turns in this riveting detective novel by the author of Blood Red and Code Blue.

Mortal Green brings with it the final instalment in the Connection series and the last we will read of these wonderful characters, that began with the Kat and Mouse series. A tough goodbye, as these characters have become such a part of my life through these books, but they will forever be in my heart.

For the last hurrah, the story continues from the heartbreaking event from book 2, as well as three cases where the main tells the story of the murder of a popular author to the secondary cases of a missing person and a spate of dog poisonings (as a dog and animal lover myself to the point where I can’t read anything that involves any harm to them, please note that this does not go into detail of any suffering)

As always, Anita Waller puts her heart and soul into this book. Well plotted and executed the pages just turn themselves. I always have an internal struggle when reading one of her books wanting to savour it to racing through it. With each chapter leaving you wanting more, the latter always wins out with me.

As a send off, everything comes together well. It is also comforting to read that Anita Waller also had a hard time in saying goodbye to these characters. Both brilliant series from beginning to end, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Thank you to Anita Waller for my gifted copy of Mortal Green, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Anita was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and has lived all her life there. 

She wrote Beautiful in 1985 and had it accepted for publication. They were at the contract stage when the publishing house went into liquidation.

Like many another’s books it ended up in the loft until two years ago when she resurrected it, retyped all 100,000 words (it was originally written on an Amstrad 8256 and all she had was a hard copy!) and sent it off to Bloodhound Books.

She is now retired from life of being a Patchwork Tutor and HGV driver’s wife and concentrates on patchwork for the pleasure of it and writing. She started writing at around the age of 8 – she clearly remembers writing ‘novels’ at that age which were actually short stories split into chapters!

Anita’s genre is murder – but murder with a good reason behind it!



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