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Today I am reviewing Girl Island by Kate Castle. This was released on the 21st of December 2021, published by Dark Horse Publishing.

Book Description

Six teenage girls. One deserted island. Removed from civilised society, can they challenge class, identity and toxic femininity to pull together and survive? Or will they descend into savagery?

Seventeen-year-old farm girl Ellery is used to being alone; used to taking care of herself. After she wins an athletics scholarship to a prestigious new school, she finds herself facing her own personal nightmare stuck on a plane with a bunch of mean girls, the school dork and her ex-best friend. But when the plane crashes and they find themselves alone on a deserted island, the real challenge begins.

As they fight for survival, long-buried secrets are uncovered and – one by one – each girl’s true character emerges. Can friendships, like fires, be relit? And can Ellery survive on Girl Island?

This thrilling must-read adventure novel is perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

“Teenage girls can be savage!”

Girl Island is my first book from Kate Castle and what a sensational read it is! A thrilling tale that draws you in and holds you captive, it is a real edge of your seat nail biter that consumed me right from the start. I was torn between wanting to savour it, to devouring it and eventually the more I got into the story it was quickly made clear that the latter was going to win out!

The tension and suspense that is throughout the book is so high, that each page flick on the Kindle had me feeling anxious and my heart racing of what was to come. Castle certainly knows how to weave a tale and keep the reader hooked that’s for sure!

I really enjoyed the plot and its cast of diverse character’s good and bad and it has been perfectly executed with writing that is flawless and so vivid you feel like you are also part of the story. All in all this is such an entertaining read which I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read and review.

Thank you to Kate Castle for my gifted copy of Girl Island, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Kate Castle

Kate Castle is the author of the best-selling novella Born of the Sea. 

Kate’s books fall into the Young Adult and New Adult adventure and romance categories. Kate is passionate about representing young queer females in mainstream literature and writes stories about fierce, independent young women – the kind of characters she wished she could have read more about growing up.



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