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Today I am reviewing There She Lies by Michelle Young. This was released on the 7th of February 2021, independently published.

Book Description

We all have secrets—little white lies we tell ourselves. Everyone has them, but no matter how hard we try to keep them hidden, even our deepest secrets can come up to the surface.

When the Millers move across the province to pursue William’s lifelong dream of becoming a helicopter pilot, Quinn, a new mother, feels isolated from everything she’s ever known, only, Quinn has been there before. Struggling with severe postpartum depression, Quinn turns to her elderly neighbour for help, but how much does she really know about Mrs. Westover? Only what she chooses to reveal. Mrs. Westover never lies, in fact, she despises liars. What will she do when she finds out Quinn’s been dishonest with her? This story started long before Quinn ever met Mrs. Westover.

An old secret, a story of revenge, and a friendship gone wrong. How do we decide who to trust? This twisted story will makes you think twice about who you choose as friends.

A secret from the past, someone out for revenge and a friendship not as it seems, will have you questioning who you can trust in this highly addictive and very sinister tale.

I absolutely loved this book and it is the perfect example of why I love the psychological thriller genre so much. It immediately caught my attention by its cover, which is so striking and just compliments the story well. At times it is not an easy read and deals with themes of mental illness and severe postpartum depression, which is very confronting and may be a trigger for some readers. The story pulled me in straight off the bat and just consumed me. I was so invested in it and its characters, I lost time and could not bring myself to put it down.

An emotional, compelling and twisty rollercoaster ride, There She Lies is my first book by Michelle Young and has been such a fantastic introduction to her work. I love her style of storytelling and how she did not play it safe, giving the reader a very authentic and real look into its themes. All round I can not recommend this book highly enough and is definitely up there with my top reads for 2021!

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Let’s Get to Know Michelle Young

Michelle Young is the author of the psychological thrillers There She Lies and Your Move. She is also the author of two poetry books, Salt & Light and Without Fear. She holds an Honours BA major in psychology, and a minor in communications from the University of Ottawa. Young lives in Ottawa, Canada with her family.



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