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Today I am taking part in the books on tour and reviewing on its publication day We Live Next Door by Laura Wolfe, published by Bookouture.

Book Description

You think you know the people next door… What if they know you better?

I always dreamed of moving back home to Ridgeview Pines, with its white fences and sloping lawns. I wish it had happened under different circumstances, but now I’m here I feel safe and ready for a fresh start with my little family.

The first thing I do every morning is pick up my phone and check The Neighbor List—our local message board. Maybe the people next door know a little too much about where their neighbors are and what they’re doing, but it’s safer that way, isn’t it? And my husband—he wouldn’t dare sneak behind my back with so many eyes watching.

Just when I’m beginning to relax, a woman I’ve known since I was small is found dead on the white tiles of her bathroom floor. I watch messages of condolence flood my screen. No one else suspects a thing.

But I know that among all these friendly people, watching out for one another, someone knows more than they’re sharing. And I wonder—how far back do they remember, and who’s next?

An utterly gripping psychological thriller that will keep you up all night. Perfect for fans of The Couple Next Door, The Woman in the Window and Behind Closed Doors.

“You know their secrets…But what if they know yours too?..”

Set in a fictional suburb in Detroit, We Live Next Door is a perfectly mixed psychological thriller cross whodunnit that kept me entertained from beginning to end. I love these types of stories that involve close knit suburban communities where not everyone is who they appear to be and have secrets to hide. Add to that, the murder of a cantankerous old woman and everyone becomes a suspect! I loved working alongside our lead and joining her as we put our amateur sleuthing skills to the test to solve the crime and enjoyed how it all played out.

Laura Wolfe has become a go to author for me and I don’t even read what her books are about anymore. I love going in blind and being taken on the journey, letting her take control. She delivers a first class read each and every time through writing that is very engaging and with strong characters that are good and those you love to hate! We Live Next Door has all of this and so much more. A thrilling and twisty ride, I found this book to be very entertaining and one I highly recommend you reading right now!

Thank you to Laura Wolfe, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of We Live Next Door, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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We Live Next Door Books on Tour

Follow the tour along the way and see what these bloggers also thought about We Live Next Door. My thanks to Bookouture for my spot on this books on tour.

Let’s Get to Know Laura Wolfe

Laura Wolfe’s fascination with things that go bump in the night probably stems from having watched too many scary movies when she was younger.

She is an active member of multiple writing groups, including Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and International Thriller Writers. Laura enjoys living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, son, and daughter.

She can often be found hiking through local nature trails, eating vegetarian food, or doting on her rescue dog.


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