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Today I am reviewing on its publication day Her Final Victim by NJ Moss, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Description

With friends like these, who needs enemies? A twisting psychological thriller about what lies behind a marriage’s facade–and the deadly results…

Hazel and Jamie are happily married. Or so it would seem. Behind closed doors, things are far from normal. Jamie has an unhealthy obsession, and Hazel is more worried about herself than her husband.

So when Millicent injects herself into their lives, with Jamie firmly in her sights, the trio end up on a path that will end in death.

Everyone has secrets. Everyone has a dark side.

But who is good, who is bad, and who is going to get away with murder?

“The perfect marriage… The Perfect murder…”

They say that two is company and three is a crowd. But is this a case of two is safety and three means one in the ground?…

Her Final Victim is a chilling psychological thriller from the talented NJ Moss. His second novel, he has delivered an outstanding read and this is one book that will get under your skin and have you still thinking about it long after finishing it!

Moss has reached into the darkest depts of his mind for this one and there were times I had to put it down to catch my breath. There are few books that have me feeling nervous when reading, but this one had me jumping out of my skin with every noise and my anxiety levels at an all time high!

Moss has definitely set the bar very high with this book. The writing is sharp and his style of storytelling proves how diverse he can be. I loved his first book, but this one is just next level. It was like reading a different author, so far removed from the style used in that one.

A very exciting voice in the psychological thriller genre, NJ Moss has quickly proven that he is an author to watch and I can’t wait to read what he comes up with for us next. If you love psychological thrillers, do not let this one pass you by!

Thank you to NJ Moss and Bloodhound Books for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Her Final Victim, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

This review will be added to, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon Australia & Amazon US. I will also add to NetGalley, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble if available. As I am from Australia, I am unable to add to Amazon UK, but will post to Waterstones & Foyles if also available.

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Let’s Get to Know NJ Moss

NJ Moss worked as a fiction ghostwriter for ten years before he turned his skills to his own work. All Your Fault is his debut novel, and covers many topics close to his heart: mental illness, anxiety, paranoia… but it is also a story about motherhood and friendship, sisterhood and the guilt we carry. 

When he is not working on his next thriller, you can normally find him walking his dogs (Loki and Gizmo, a Jack Russel terrier and a Chihuahua), Rollerblading up and down the promenade of Weston-Super-Mare, or spending time with his lovely wife. 

He has already signed for another book with his publisher, and this serial killer, stalker, social media-focused thriller will be out September 22nd.

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