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Today I am taking part in the blog tour and sharing an extract from Coldharbour by John Mead.This was released on the 20th of November 2020, published by Troubador Publishing.

Book Description

The Met Police’s Major Investigation Team East has its hands full: a rash of tit for tat gang related stabbings, a strangled housewife, the decomposed remains of a woman found in a ditch and more to come. Adding to their woes is their boss, Chief Inspector Matthew Merry, being distracted by his problems at home. 

For Matthew’s wife, Kathy, her only concern is dealing with the aftermath of being drugged and raped by a co-worker. Will the trial of the man responsible be enough to give her the justice she demands. Or, as her therapist states, is it revenge she really desires. She doesn’t know. As her emotions see-saw from elation to depression, her only certainty is that her husband seems more concerned about his work than her. 

And Matthew is only too aware of his failings both at home and work. But the police machine grinds on, seeking information and sifting evidence — justice is not their concern.


“Matthew and Gabrielle allowed the words to flow past them, trying to understand how the world that Montepulciano was describing equated with the picture postcard one that flowed before their eyes.The hilly, rock-strewn landscape, filled with vineyards, orchards, goats and sheep; the small, scenic villages and the towns with their modern flats; the children and old people in the streets, even the occasional goat herder.It all seemed like a film set: the old buildings, winding cobbled streets, the people with their tanned skins and swarthy Italian features. Only in the larger towns was there a noticeable proportion of black-skinned Africans or those with Arabic features, women in burkas or – less noticeably in a region where women still tended to cover their hair – hijabs. Whereas Mineo, though a small town, seemed full of such types.”

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Coldharbour Blog Tour

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Let’s Get to Know John Mead

John was born in the mid-fifties in Dagenham, London, on part of the largest council estate ever built, and was the first pupil from his local secondary modern school to attend university. He has now taken early retirement to write, having spent the first part of his life working in education and the public sector. He was the director of a college, a senior school inspector for a local authority, and was head of a unit for young people with physical and mental health needs. When he is not travelling, going to the theatre or the pub, he writes.

John is currently working on a seies of novels set in modern day London. These police procedurals examine the darker side of modern life in the East End of the city.

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Blog Tour Organiser

Thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for my spot on the Coldharbour blog tour and for the promotional materials.

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