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Today I am reviewing on its publication day The Six Guests by Diana Wilkinson, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Description

Could your online activity lead to your real-life death? Can a screenshot frame you for murder?

During Lockdown, six friends meet on-screen every Friday night to take part in a quiz.

But when it is Barton Hinton’s turn to host the event, he introduces a set of personal questions that clearly aren’t random and which set off a fatal chain of events.

When the police start to ask questions, the friends agree to hide the truth.

Is it possible that one of the six guests killed a fellow member?

Everyone has their secrets. Some are worth dying for. Some are worth killing for…

Diana Wilkinson is also the bestselling author of 4 Riverside CloseThe Girl Who Turned a Blind Eye and You Are MineThe Six Guests is a compelling psychological thriller with a touch of mystery. If you are a fan of authors like Clare Mackintosh, Lisa Jewell and Lesley Kara, you’ll love this unmissable novel.

The premise for The Six Guests by Diana Wilkinson had me hooked right upon reading the blurb, so I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. At the time I was reading this, my hometown was also in another lockdown so its timing was very fitting.

For six friends, a weekly video catchup for a game of trivia whist in lockdown is the perfect escape from it all for one night. Each person take turns in hosting the event, but when it is Barton’s turn, he decides to up the ante and presents a set of personal questions that starts a chain of events that become deadly…

The characters are well crafted and with each having something to hide makes it all the more fun in trying to guess who is keeping the biggest secret and will do anything to ensure it isn’t exposed. I loved how I was kept in the dark right up until it was time for the reveal.

The Six Guests is a great read and although I did find the pacing to be slow to begin with, it certainly ramps up making for a more exciting and thrilling second act. It is twisty, engrossing and all up a very entertaining story to get caught up in.

Thank you to Diana Wilkinson and Bloodhound Books for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Six Guests, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

This review will be added to, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon Australia & Amazon US. I will also add to NetGalley, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble if available. As I am from Australia, I am unable to add to Amazon UK, but will post to Waterstones & Foyles if also available.

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Let’s Get to Know Diana Wilkinson

Diana graduated from Durham University with a degree in geography but after a short spell in teaching, has spent most of her working life in the business of tennis development.  A former Irish International player, tennis has always been a great passion.

Having finally stepped off the tennis court, Diana has become a full-time writer. The inspiration for much of her work has come through coaching tennis to hundreds of ladies over the years and from the intimate confidences shared over coffee.  She has met, observed and listened to women trapped in loveless marriages, abusive relationships and in the grip of obsessive love… although she does admit that no one has yet shared a personal murder story!

Her novels tackle the dark side of obsessive relationships. 4 Riverside Close is a psychological thriller set in the claustrophobic confines of a North London cul-de-sac. An online dating site sucks bored residents into a sinister web of seedy manipulation from which there is no escape.

Her second novel is called You Are Mine. When her lover disappears, Julia fears she will never find out what happened. However, ten years later, a night at the cinema reveals her search is over.

Diana currently lives in Hitchin in Hertfordshire with her family.

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