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Today I am reviewing on it’s publication day A Text Before Dying by McGarvey Black, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Description

The Perfect Murder. The Perfect Nightmare.

Spying from her window in New York City with high-powered binoculars, conspiracy theorist Zoe spots a man and woman on a park bench. Zooming in, she finds she can read the texts on the woman’s phone. Her initial excitement turns to alarm when the woman’s texts outline a plan to murder the man she is sitting next to. 

The police department is trying to manage a pandemic and catch a serial killer who has murdered six women. So, when Zoe reports the conspiracy to commit murder, the police have little time or patience for her theories. 

Committed to saving the life of the man on the bench, Zoe and her best friend Sean pursue all angles until Zoe finds herself in grave danger.

But those around her keep wondering, is there really a murder plot or is it all in Zoe’s head?

McGarvey Black is back with her fifth book, A Text Before Dying, which is another fantastic addition to add to an already outstanding bibliography. The story takes place in New York City in the present day and follows conspiracy theorist Zoe and her friend Sean as they embark on trying to stop a crime from taking place after Zoe sees a text message from a woman who is plotting to kill her husband.

I really loved Zoe’s character who throughout reminded me of Harriet the Spy that I read as a kid, which to my delight when I read the acknowledgments, was who the author unintentionally channelled, also a fan from her childhood. Sean is also a great character and I loved the friendship and banter that he shares with Zoe. They really make a great team and I would love to read more of them.

A Text Before Dying is a super fun read that is well written and is peppered throughout with doses of laugh out loud humour that makes it all the more enjoyable. I love how versatile McGarvey Black can be as she alternates from different genres and I found this one to be executed as more of a cozy mystery with its element of amateur sleuthing than a psychological suspense, which suited me just fine. I love a good cozy mystery and this one certainly fits the bill. A very enjoyable and entertaining read.

Thank you to McGarvey Black for my gifted copy of A Text Before Dying, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know McGarvey Black

I was a theatre major in college and pursued an acting career for a few years. Eventually, I moved into advertising sales in the magazine publishing business where I sold print and digital advertising and managed sales teams for companies like Conde Nast and WebMD. Ten years ago, I left media to become an executive recruiter for large and small internet companies.

No matter how I earned a living, I always wrote…for me, for my friends and family. Two years ago, I left recruiting to pursue a full-time career as a writer. I’ve written three novels thus far and working simultaneously on the fourth and fifth. I am obsessed with writing, sometimes waking in the middle of the night to put pen to paper when I get an idea.

Since I usually write mystery/thrillers, my process is to know the beginning and the end before I start and then fill in the middle as I go. If I do my prep right and develop my characters fully, the characters kind of write themselves.

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