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Today I am excited to be reviewing You Need to Know by Nicola Moriarty. This was released on the 7th of April, published by Harper Collins.

Book Description

Everybody’s hiding something … 

Jill, her three sons, their wives and children are driving in convoy on Christmas Eve. But something sinister is simmering behind their happy smiles.

Mimi is struggling with her new twins, but at least a glass of wine smooths out life’s jagged edges. Andrea’s starting to wonder if her marriage is as happy as she’d thought. Darren is reeling from a surprise request and teenager Callie has become increasingly withdrawn.

On the way to their holiday house, a terrifying car accident devastates them all. But someone unexpected was in one of the cars. No one is searching for them. And their time is running out.

You Need to Know is a dark domestic drama about family secrets and lies, fractured relationships, tragic mistakes and the ultimate betrayal.

You Need to Know by Nicola Moriarty was one of my must reads for 2021 and it definitely lived up to the hype and then some. I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in one sitting! I just could not get enough!

Set in Sydney Australia, You Need to Know, as the description states, is a dark domestic drama about family secrets and lies, fractured relationships, tragic mistakes and the ultimate betrayal. An intriguing tale, where I became entangled and caught up in the lives of the Lewis family as I was transported into the pages, watching from the sidelines as the drama unfolded before my eyes, culminating in a shocking revelation and outcome that I did not see coming!

Each of the characters have been well crafted and the reader is given great insight into each and their relationships as told from multiple points of view. I found them all to be very interesting and they all carry the story well. Nicola Moriarty has done a fantastic job of making them believable and has brought them to life perfectly.

Nicola Moriarty may come from Australian literature royalty, but all of her books and in particular this one, sets her apart as a standalone literature powerhouse and she has become one of my most favourite Aussie authors. You just know you are going to get a beautifully written, sensational read each and every time and You Need to Know is no exception. I will even go as far as to say I think this is her best work yet!

You Need to Know is a gripping read that will capture your attention and just consume you. A slow burn with so much tension and suspense built up along the way as to what’s to come, will have you flicking the pages well into the night. This is a first class read which I highly recommend and I will be eagerly awaiting for what Nicola Moriarty will bring to her readers next.

Thank you to Nicola Moriarty, Harper Collins Australia and Netgalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of You Need to Know, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

This review will be added to, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon Australia & Amazon US. I will also add to NetGalley, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play and Barnes & Noble if available. As I am from Australia, I am unable to add to Amazon UK, but will post to Waterstones & Foyles if also available.

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Let’s Get to Know Nicola Moriarty

Nicola lives in Sydney’s north west with her husband and two small (but remarkably strong willed) daughters. In between various career changes, becoming a mum and studying at Macquarie University, she began to write. Now, she can’t seem to stop.

Her writing was once referred to as ‘inept’ by The Melbourne Age. Luckily on that same day the Brisbane Courier Mail called her work ‘accomplished, edgy and real.’ So she stopped crying into her Weetbix, picked up a pen and continued to write. She has been fueled by a desire to prove The Age wrong ever since.

These days, she writes everything from novels to football stadium announcements to VW radio ad scripts and Home Loan EDMs to the occasional Mamamia article and the odd Real Estate advert.

Her first two novels, Free-Falling and Paper Chains were published by Random House Australia in 2012 and 2013. Free-Falling was translated into Dutch and German and was awarded the title of ‘Best Australian Debut’ from Chicklit Club. Paper Chains was later picked up for publishing in the U.S. by HarperCollins and will be released there in 2019.

Her romance novella Captivation was released both as an e-book and in print as part of a collection of romance stories titled, All My Love. She has since concluded that romance writing is not her thing. She also wrote two travel themed short stories for the U.K. Sunlounger anthologies, which were Amazon bestsellers.

While completing a BA with a major in writing at Macquarie University, she was awarded the Fred Rush Convocation prize for creative writing / literary criticism in Australian literature. This achievement made her glow with pride and happily took some of the sting out of The Age’s aforementioned criticism.

In 2017, Nicola released her third novel, The Fifth Letter. Published by HarperCollins in both Australia and the U.S. and by Penguin in the U.K, it was a top ten best seller in Australia and just snuck onto the USA Today Best seller list! It was translated into German, Dutch and Hungarian. In exciting news, film rights for The Fifth Letter were also optioned by Universal Cable Productions.

Nicola’s latest novel, Those Other Women was released in Australia, the US and the UK in 2018 and was an Amazon best seller. Marian Keyes had this to say about Those Other Women, ‘I devoured it, loved it and totally escaped into it … Fun and topical.’

She has four older sisters and one older brother and she lives in constant fear of being directly compared to her two wildly successful and extraordinarily talented author sisters, Liane Moriarty and Jaclyn Moriarty. Unless of course, the comparison is something kind, perhaps along the lines of, “Liane, Jaci and Nicola are all wonderful writers. I love all of their books equally.”

Other things of note are Nicola’s lack of fine motor skills, demonstrated by her inability to thread keys onto key-rings, tie balloons, braid hair and apply eyeliner. If you have taken the time to read this far, she would very much like to send you a Freddo Frog to show her appreciation. But she probably won’t follow through, because she’ll most likely eat all the Freddo Frogs before she gets the chance to post them. Sorry, she does mean well.

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