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Today I am reviewing Amber by Heather Burnside. This was released on the 1st of April, published by Aria Fiction.

Book Description


With a mother unfit for purpose and a brother who despises her, working girl Amber can rely on no one but herself – until the meanest pimp in Manchester, Kev Pike, offers her his protection. Unfortunately, this attracts the fury of Cora, a prostitute no one wants to get on the wrong side of…


When Cora is found strangled to death, the late-night city streets feel increasingly exposed with a killer on the loose. And as Amber grows closer to Kev, she realises his security comes at a price she might not be willing to pay…


Amber is frozen in fear, knowing one wrong move will risk her life. But then she discovers a horrifying secret that forces her to choose: stay or run?

Heather Burnside is back with this breath-taking, heart-racing series, perfect for all fans of Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole.

Every now and then you get lucky and come across a series and an author that you may never have crossed paths with. This has been my experience with The Working Girls series and it’s creator Heather Burnside, who popped up on my radar when I started my blog. I am so glad that it did and it has become a favourite that I can’t get enough of.

Amber is the 4th instalment in the series and whilst it can be read as a standalone, I do encourage you to read the previous 3 books. This time around we follow Amber’s story through duel timelines as we learn of her harrowing childhood in the past and how that has shaped her in the present. The seedier side of Manchester is brought to life so well and the reader is taken on one emotional roller coaster ride as Amber fights for her survival when becoming entangled with notorious pimp Kev Pike.

Amber is at times hard to read given the nature of one of its subjects, which does deal with sexual abuse of a minor. It has been dealt with sensitively but does not gloss over its seriousness. A heartfelt foreword at the beginning of the book where Heather Burnside explains that it was difficult for her to write, she really has done a fantastic job with it and it pulls on the heartstrings.

Amber is a perfectly written tale and just cements even more that Heather Burnside is one of the best authors out there writing in the urban crime genre. This latest offering is raw, honest and really gets under your skin. To quote from the foreword “This book is not just a story from an author’s imagination; it is a story that affects countless survivors of sexual abuse in our society today” This really does convey its message well.

I can always count on Heather Burnside to give me a brilliant read each and every time and Amber is no exception. Gritty, fast paced, emotionally charged and highly addictive, if you are a urban crime fan this book and series is definitely for you!

Thank you to Heather Burnside, Aria Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Amber, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Let’s Get to Know Heather Burnside

Heather Burnside grew up in Gorton, a working-class area of Manchester famed as the original location for the TV series, Shameless. She moved from Gorton to a new housing development and spent her teenage years on one of the toughest estates in Manchester. 

During the 1990s the estate became the headquarters for one of Manchester’s predominant gangs. It regularly featured in the local press due to shootings and drug-related problems. Heather draws heavily on this background as the setting for many of her novels.

After taking a career break to raise two children Heather enrolled on a creative writing course. During that time she had many articles published in well-known magazines and went on to run a writing services business before focusing on her novels. 

Heather now works full-time on her novels from her home in Manchester which she shares with her two grown-up children.

You can find out more about Heather’s books by signing up to her mailing list at: to receive regular updates, or by viewing her website:


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