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Today I am reviewing Two Years After by Paul Teague. This was released on the 21st of October 2019, published by Clixeo Publishing.

Book Blurb

An unsettling psychological thriller with a chilling twist…

A shattered life. A tortured mind. A return to work that becomes a living hell …

When Rosie Taylor returns to work after a long recovery from a tragic accident, she can\’t believe how much things have changed for the worse.

Not only is there a new HR guy in charge, everybody\’s fighting to keep their job and there are some new recruits with very unusual habits.

Rosie needs this job.

Social services are threatening to take her child, she\’s struggling to recover from mental illness and if she doesn\’t bring some money in fast, she\’ll lose the house.

But somebody at work has got it in for her and she\’s struggling to hang on to what\’s left of her shattered life.

Two Years After is an unsettling psychological thriller which will have you looking over your shoulder next time you go to work.

Please be aware that this book does not have a happy ending! It also contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

As the opening sentence in the blurb suggests, Two Years After is definitely an unsettling psychological thriller with a chilling twist…From the shocking and harrowing prologue, that pulls at the heartstrings, there is nothing about this book that will make you feel anything but sadness, shock and despair, but don’t let that put you off reading this. If you have read the blurb, you will see that Paul has given the reader a very blunt and to the point warning that “this book does not have a happy ending”! How right he is!

When I thought about that statement, as weird as this is to say, it was actually quite a refreshing change. I am in no way a morbid person, but with most of the psychological thrillers I have read, the endings are always mostly the same. Wrapped up nicely wherein 99% of most cases, there is a happy ever after. In reality, though, this is not always the case, which Paul has demonstrated very well in this story. I have deliberately avoided talking about the plot, as the blurb gives more than enough details and is best only going in with this information.

Paul has cast such a diverse and eclectic bunch of characters that are the perfect balance of likeable, tolerable and downright despicable! It goes without saying that the standout for me was Rosie. I felt very protective of her and was rooting for her throughout. Each of the other players has been brought to life through the pages extremely well and are believable in the roles they have been given. This has been achieved through Paul’s very engaging style of writing that easily captures and holds the reader’s attention.

I enjoyed the fast pace of this story and as it is only 184 pages, it was a breeze to get through. Being such a dark story, this was actually the perfect length and if longer, I don’t think it would have had the same impact. The analogy of less is more, is really the perfect example when it comes to Two Years After.

This is the first book I have read from Paul and I was impressed with how he was able to instantly get me invested in the story. He achieved this by making me feel so many different emotions as it progressed. At times I was in tears, at others yelling out some rather colourful expletives and by the end, I was in shock and mentally exhausted by the turn of events. Paul has done a really great job with this story and I look forward to reading more books from him in the future and I highly recommend you reading this book.

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