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Today I am reviewing on its publication day No Past Forgiven by Valerie Keogh, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Blurb

Crime and criminals keep getting in the way of Detective Garda Sergeant Mike West\’s personal life.

The woman he loves is living in his house, in his spare bedroom. It should be simple, but it isn\’t. He has a solution. A romantic weekend away, in a lighthouse on Clare Island.

A stunning place, a beautiful woman. What could be more perfect?

When one of the islanders dies in a bizarre and a tragic accident, West is roped in to help. But it isn\’t an accident, and there is more than one suspect.

There\’s also more than one secret. Can West solve the case before someone else dies?
A murder mystery with a touch of romance, set in the Dublin suburbs. It\’s the third book in the Dublin Murder mystery series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone. It will appeal to fans of authors such as Peter James, LJ Ross and Ruth Rendall.

*** This book was previously published under the title Murder on Clare Island ***

No Past Forgiven is the third book in the Detective Garda Sergeant Mike West series and in my opinion, is the best one so far. I was immediately caught under Valerie’s spell as she reacquainted me with Mike and Edel, giving me a front-row seat as Mike becomes embroiled in a new case whilst on a weekend getaway. It is a fast-paced crime mystery that keeps you on your toes as you become caught up in the investigation in the lead up to a cliffhanger of an ending.

Throughout the story, Valerie displays her writing talent to wonderful effect through her use of a subplot at the beginning of the book, that has been written with as much depth as the main plot. She expertly weaves this back into the story at the end where it sets up the events for the next instalment. This subplot does contain a sensitive issue, but Valerie handles this respectively while putting in an unexpected twist that you don’t see coming. I am going to stop discussing any more on the plot, as the blurb gives more than enough about the main crux of the story.

I really enjoy the characters of Mike and Edel and the chemistry and banter they share. Valerie steps it up a notch this time around as she gives the reader what we have been waiting for! She has created an eclectic bunch of supporting characters, not the least of which is the location of Clare Island. Clare Island becomes the standout character that you actually want to meet. A real place, that through her writing, Valerie makes so appealing, that if I didn’t have a fear of flying and crippling motion sickness, I would be packing my bags and jumping on the first available flight over.

There are so many things that I love about this series, but I think what I have started to enjoy the most, is what Valerie comes up with as the murder weapon! Forget the standard gun, knives etc, what you get in these books are items that are very unique and never would cross my mind to use if I was inclined to murder someone (which I am not by the way!) These are the little details that make this such an enjoyable quirky series and a standout from others.

This is the third book of Valerie’s that I have reviewed this year. What I love most about her work, is her versatility and how seamlessly she is able to switch between genres without entangling them together. As she does with every book I have read of hers, she is able to get my attention right from the get-go and keeps me engaged in her stories. Each book she writes just outdoes the other and I am really looking forward to the next instalment to this series, but also ones from the psychological thriller genre that she also excels in.

As the blurb states, No Past Forgiven can be read as a stand-alone, but as I mentioned in my review for book two No Obvious Cause, I don’t recommend reading these books out of order as you miss out on fully immersing yourself in the setting and its characters and just because you would be missing out on two brilliant reads! It was an absolute please to read and review No Past Forgiven which I highly recommend.

Thank-you to Heather Fitt from Bloodhound Books for inviting me to be part of the publication day celebrations and for providing me with a free copy of the No Past Forgiven ebook which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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