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Today I am reviewing on its publication day The Three Women by Valerie Keogh, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Blurb

How well do you know your friends?

When Beth, Megan and Joanne meet at university, they become inseparable friends who’d do anything for one another — even agreeing to keep what happens one shocking night a secret.

Now in their forties and outwardly successful, each of the three has dealt with what happened in their own way. But secrets and lies leave their mark.

When Megan decides to tell her fiancée the truth about that night, it threatens to ruin the lives of everyone around her.

And someone is prepared to do anything to stop that happening…

Valerie Keogh is also the author of The Dublin Murder Mysteries. The Three Women is an utterly compelling psychological thriller which fans of authors like Louise Jensen, B A Paris and K.L. Slater are sure to love.

Brilliant, superb, impressive, terrific, fantastic, amazing, incredible and spectacular, are just a few words to describe my thoughts on The Three Women. It is no secret that I am a BIG fan of Valerie’s work and I have really loved each and every one one of her books that I have read, but The Three Women trumps all of them and is her best one yet! It is utterly breathtaking, addictive and gut wrenching. It is going to stay with me for a long time to come. Mark my words you need to buy this book right now, drop everything and get reading this amazing book immediately!

With a prologue that is so intense, that had me shaking with a pounding heart and is up there as one of the best I have ever read, this book had me glued to the pages and I could not tear myself away from it. Everything just stopped and I was instantly hooked, as I was taken on the journey and into the lives of three friends, Megan, Joanne and Beth and how one terrible event that occurred in their past during their university days, shaped the course of their lives in the years after. When Megan decides that she needs to tell the truth and confess to what really happened that fateful night to not only her fiancé but also Joanne and Beth, it creates a domino effect as more lies and secrets are exposed which puts the women’s friendship to the test.

Valerie has done a great job not only with the plot and the characters, but also the structure of the book. Told through alternating chapters, she gives each of the women their time to tell their part of the story, which I really enjoyed. She does not get to bogged down in the backstory though and gives the reader just enough information from the past for her to then concentrate more on the present day and the explosive after effects. This is where the story really kicks off and moves full steam ahead leading to the thrilling and jaw dropping conclusion.

Valerie is a fantastic writer and is at her best when she is writing in the psychological thriller genre. While reading this one, it still captured everything I love about her writing in terms of being engaging, fluid and emotive, but it felt different to me this time around and I found it to be more personal, straight from her heart and through her writing, I could tell that this story and it’s characters mean a lot to her. I was even in tears a couple of times throughout, it is that powerful! If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I definitely would!

So I think you get the idea that I loved this book, but I am going to take this to the next level and say that The Three Women is one hell of a read and is not just a contender to be part of my best books of 2020, no siree, it IS one of my best books for 2020 and just reinforces why Valerie is one of my favourite authors. It was an absolute pleasure to read and review The Three Women which I cannot recommend highly enough.

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