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Today I am reviewing on its publication day Deep Dark Secrets by Keri Beevis, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Blurb

The darkest minds hide the deepest secrets…

Lizzie Kent wasn\’t supposed to babysit the night she was murdered. She was covering for her best friend, Nell. Nell has lived with the guilt ever since.

Eighteen years later Nell returns to the area, desperate to escape a bad relationship after inheriting her aunt\’s rundown guesthouse. But her return isn\’t welcomed by everyone – in particular Sam Kent, who blames Nell for his sister\’s death. And after a few unsettling incidents, it becomes apparent that someone is trying to scare her.

Is Sam responsible or has Nell\’s abusive ex-boyfriend managed to track her down?

Or is someone else, with a more sinister agenda, responsible?

*** This book was previously published as The Darkness Beneath ***

How have I not read anything by this amazingly talented author before!! A mistake that I am so glad I have now rectified by reading this outstanding book! What a read this is and one that will have you up until all hours reading it, just like I did. The only thing stopping me reading this in one sitting was my family Christmas celebrations and if this wasn’t the case I could have done it easily. Between us though, there were times I did disappear to sneak a couple of cheeky chapters in throughout the day! With a chilling and captivating cover, a plot that keeps you in its grip until the last page, the beautiful sea side setting in the fictional Purity Island, well developed characters and spectacular writing, this book has it all and it is definitely a contender to be part of my best books for 2020.

The plot of this story drew me in straight away and had me hooked! Imagine living with the guilt of your best friend being murdered on the night when she helped you out to babysit so you could go out on a date. There would be nothing worse and this is what Nell has lived with for the last eighteen years. To make matters worse, the murder of Lizzie was never solved. Now living in Chicago, having left Purity years ago she finds herself returning when she needs to escape from her abusive boyfriend. Inheriting her aunts guesthouse when she passes away, this is the perfect place for Nell to go but not everyone is happy she is back, especially Sam the brother of Lizzie who still blames Nell for her murder. When strange things start to occur, Nell is terrified that her boyfriend has found out where she is or could it be Sam out to gain his revenge against her? When revealed, it will shock you!

In terms of the characters, there are quite a few, but they are all integral to the story and Keri has done a fantastic job with them all and each one comes to life through the pages extremely well, even the unlikeable ones! Sometimes having so many characters in a story can be quite overwhelming for me, but Keri does a great job in ensuring that each one’s role is clear and there is never any confusion. For me the standout was definitely Nell. As the main protagonist she carries the story on her shoulders well. Continuing to blame herself for her best friends murder and living in an abusive relationship, my heart just went out to her. On top of this, she also lives with anxiety. Being a sufferer myself, I thought Keri did an amazing job at conveying this so realistically. Another favourite was definitely chief of Purity police Alex Cutler. When first introduced to him, I wasn’t sure but as the story progressed I really enjoyed his character.

As I mentioned at the start of this review Keri’s writing is spectacular and she has such a gift of keeping the reader engaged. She is also a master at building up tension and suspense throughout. I was on the edge on my seat so many times and at one point I nearly fell off! True story! I also enjoyed how an additional layer was added to the story with a subplot to another mystery when Nell discovers the name Sarah written a number of times on a wall in the attic of the guesthouse. There wasn’t a big focus on this to start with and I was wondering how it was all going to come together, but when the story moved to Sarah’s point of view, this is when it really kicked off. It really compliments and ties into the main story seamlessly as well as its part it plays into the thrilling conclusion, which also pulled at my heartstrings.

All up this is one hell of a read and I am so glad that Keri is now on my radar and I can’t wait to read what I hope will be many more books to come from her. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to read and review Deep Dark Secrets which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Thank-you to Heather Fitt from Bloodhound Books for inviting me to the publication day party and for providing me with a copy of the ebook of Deep Dark Secrets which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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