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Today I am reviewing the amazing Malignant by the also amazing Anita Waller. This was released on the 10th of October, published by Bloodhound Books.

Book Blurb

What if a death sentence meant you could get away with murder?

Claudia and Heather have been friends and neighbours for many years and both women decide it is the right time for them to leave their husbands. Together they get a flat but their peace is short-lived when Claudia is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Being a good friend, Heather takes on caring for Claudia but a lethal meeting with James, Claudia’s ex-husband, results in someone dying.

As life for Claudia and Heather begins to unravel, the answer to their problems becomes clear… it’s murder.

Even though the year is not over and there are still plenty more books to be read I am calling it now that this is the best book I have read for 2018 in my opinion.

Hooked right from the start this book has all the twists and turns that make a psychological thriller great. I couldn’t get enough of it and was sad when it ended but what a ride Anita Waller takes the reader on. That ending was just WOW!!

The characters were relatable and I loved reading at the end of the book that the characters of Heather, Michelle, Jenny, Jade and Norma were the names of real fans. What a great and lovely way of thanking fans for their support by putting them in a book.

This is the first book I have read by Anita Waller and now she has shot up to the top of my favourite authors list. I will definitely be reading more from this fantastic author. If I could have given this more than 5 stars I definitely would have!

Do yourself a favour fellow readers and if this book hasn’t crossed your path yet make sure it is added to you to be read pile. You won’t be disappointed.

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